What is the Difference between a Duvet and a Comforter?



• comes with a protective duvet cover • does not need a cover, has a fashionable print
• you can easily change the style by changing the duvet cover • because of the print it is not as easy to change style
• a duvet is almost the same size as the bed, no hangover on the sides • a comforter is usually larger than the bed, hangover on the sides
• comes in different bed sizes • comes in different bed sizes
• with a duvet you don’t need a top sheet or it is not necessary • top sheet is necessary - protects and keeps your comforter clean
• use less storage • requires more storage especially for bulky comforter
• usually dry cleaned • can be laundered at home as long as it fits your washing machine. For bulky sizes it is a good idea to take it to a laundromat.
• you need to readjust duvet & duvet cover almost daily since it doesn’t stay in place • stays put and very rarely will it shift or twist

Duvet vs Comforter

Duvet vs Comforter - which one? After reading the difference between a duvet and a comforter you are now able to decide which one will suit your needs according to the warmth you want, your style and budget. Both duvet and comforter's main purpose is to keep us warm. Look at the pictures above, both bedrooms are beautiful and cozy. Here at Lux Comfy Bedding we offer a wide variety of duvets, duvet covers and comforters.

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Tips to Properly Care for your Solid Color or Abstract Color Bedding Set

Check the manufacturer’s care label instructions for washing and drying instructions since it can vary per bedding.

Do not mix white bedding with colored bedding. You want your solid white color bedding to stay white just like any hotel quality bedding. Also don’t wash bedding with your clothes since metal zippers can cause abrasion and ruin your bedding.

Use mild detergent in warm or cold water on a gentle cycle. Also, mild detergent is good for people with bad allergies who are using hypoallergenic alternative comforter. Some people prefer hot water but it affects the longevity of your bedding.

Don’t use products containing chlorine bleach, benzoyl peroxide or detergents with color brighteners. These products can discolor and weaken your bedding.

Don’t overload your washing machine. Overloading your machine will not clean your bedding and also ruin it. It is better to take your bulky comforter to a Laundromat or to a professional cleaner.

Wash comforter or duvet covers weekly. If you have a comforter cover you may wash your comforter  monthly unless you spill or stain it.

If you stain or spill something on your bedding make sure to remove it immediately. The longer the stain set on the bedding the harder to remove it especially on white bedding.

Check the care label for drying instructions. Make sure that comforters or duvets are thoroughly dry since moisture, which could lead to mold and mildew.

Store your folded bedding and comforter  in a cool, dry place. Avoid using a plastic bag since there's no air circulation.

If you follow these tips it will be a while before you buy a new solid color bedding or abstract color bedding.

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