Choosing a Comfy Bedding - Duvet or Comforter For Your Bed

We spend a third of our lives in our bed so it is important that we carefully pick a bedding that is comfortable and enticing to sleep on. After a long day all we want is a cozy bedroom with a comfy bedding where we could be comfortable, recharge and relax. It is our private and personal space. An inviting bed promotes good health, you sleep well and feel relaxed and refreshed after a goodnight sleep or nap. Investing in a comfortable and durable bedding set, duvet, or comforter set are worthwhile. It is money well spent. But the process of choosing a bedding set is not an easy task. There are too many things to consider before buying a bedding. People are even confuse what a comforter set is or a duvet, duvet cover, quilt, or bedspread. Most buyers are concern about bedding material, bedding price and bedding maintenance.

Choosing a Comforter Set

Packaged bedding set is a way to save money. It usually comes with a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a comforter, and one or two pillowcases. Since we spent a lot of time in the bedroom it is important to consider the quality of our bed sheet because that is the first material that has direct contact with our skin. Cotton is the most popular bed sheet material because of it's durable and comfortable. Cotton bedding set is good all year round since it traps heat during the cold months and cool air pass through during the summer months. Some bed sheets are not 100% cotton and blended with another material so it is important to check if you like the feel of the sheet on your skin. As a rule of thumb you need 3 sets of bed sheets.

Figure out the size of the bed sheet and comforter you need. It is always important to know the dimension of your bed before buying any bedding. Depending on the size of your bed, comforter sets are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king or California king bed. Full and California King bedding sheets are harder to find while the King and Queen Bedding sets are easiest to find.

If your bedding sheet is slightly small you'll end up struggling and pulling each corner to make it fit on the bed. Meanwhile, if they’re loose, you’ll end up with a bubble top bedding and not a smooth surface for a goodnight sleep.

Choosing the style of the comforter set. Comforter sets and bed-in-a-bag sets come in different styles. Choose the theme and color of your bedding set based on the color of your room. For a sleek and stylish look then go with a contemporary comforter sets that features the latest in design. If you are a minimalist you may choose a subdued tones and subtle patterns. You may also go with bright and bold colors for a modern style. For a classic look go with a traditional comforter sets which comes with luxurious print designs.

Comforter fabric. Style is one thing but the most important thing how comfy is the bedding or the comforter. Depending on the season you will find a wide variety of materials for a comforter sets. Consider wool and flannel for winter bedding sets. Cotton and cotton blend is the best seller and best choice when it comes to comforter sets and comfy bedding. Consider sateen or silk for a luxurious look and feel.

Comforter Maintenance. When comforters  or duvets have a cover, maintenance is a lot easier. The comforter cover can simply be slipped off from the comforter and washed  at home in a normal cycle . Comforter covers should be washed every week, unless you sleep with a top sheet. Some people using a top sheet, they wash covers once a month but this depends on your personal preference. I like washing my bedding sets on a weekly basis. It is very important when choosing a bedding or choosing a comforter that you read the tag attached on the bedding or comforter to see the maintenance required. I prefer something that I can laundry at home than dry cleaned.

Today's washing machines and dryers can usually accommodate not too bulky bedding or comforters. But if it's too bulky I suggest that you take it to a laundromat.

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